network cisco ccna gns3 certification arteq

network cisco ccna gns3 certification arteq
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Sunday, February 3, 2013

trap receiver...

is a free program that, guess what, receives snmp traps... this can be exciting for about 9 seconds...

you can download it here...

setting up snmp is easy...

dsw1#sh run | b snmp                                             
snmp-server community ccie RO                                    
snmp-server enable traps vlancreate                              
snmp-server host snmp  vlancreate    

you can enable all traps or some, then send them to the collector...

dsw1(config)#snmp-server enable traps ?                          
  auth-framework    Enable SNMP CISCO-AUTH-FRAMEWORK-MIB traps   
  bgp               Enable BGP traps                             
  bridge            Enable SNMP STP Bridge MIB traps             
  cef               Enable SNMP CEF traps                        
  cluster           Enable Cluster traps                         
  config            Enable SNMP config traps                     
  config-copy       Enable SNMP config-copy traps                
  config-ctid       Enable SNMP config-ctid traps                
  copy-config       Enable SNMP config-copy traps                
  cpu               Allow cpu related traps                      
  dot1x             Enable SNMP dot1x traps                      
  eigrp             Enable SNMP EIGRP traps                      
  energywise        Enable SNMP ENERGYWISE traps                 
  entity            Enable SNMP entity traps                     
  envmon            Enable SNMP environmental monitor traps      
  errdisable        Enable SNMP errdisable notifications         
  event-manager     Enable SNMP Embedded Event Manager traps     
  flash             Enable SNMP FLASH notifications              
  hsrp              Enable SNMP HSRP traps                       
  ipmulticast       Enable SNMP ipmulticast traps 

then look at your butterfly collector...

this is a real over simplification, and you already know this... nothing earth shattering here... go watch the superbowl or something...

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