network cisco ccna gns3 certification arteq

network cisco ccna gns3 certification arteq
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

more on wendell's new icnd2...

1. The sending VPN device  feeds the orignal packet and the session key into the encryption formula, calculating the encrypted data.

2. The sending device encapsulates the encrypted data into a packet, which includes the   new IP header and VPN header.

3. The sending device sends this new packet to the destination VPN device  

4. The receiving VPN device runs the corresponding decryption formula, using the
encrypted data and session key—the same key value as was used on the sending VPN
 device—to decrypt the data.

it is safe to say the icnd2 is no longer the same animal as it was... for those just starting out, go right to the new books... for those half way through ccna, go back to the beginning if you don't think you'll make it to the exam before october 1st... for those who have ccna or better, this is a must read...

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