network cisco ccna gns3 certification arteq

network cisco ccna gns3 certification arteq
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

rfc 2328 cont...

this is very exciting...

Internal routers
            A router with all directly connected networks belonging to
            the same area. These routers run a single copy of the basic
            routing algorithm.

        Area border routers
            A router that attaches to multiple areas.  Area border
            routers run multiple copies of the basic algorithm, one copy
            for each attached area. Area border routers condense the
            topological information of their attached areas for
            distribution to the backbone.  The backbone in turn
            distributes the information to the other areas.

        Backbone routers
            A router that has an interface to the backbone area.  This
            includes all routers that interface to more than one area
            (i.e., area border routers).  However, backbone routers do
            not have to be area border routers.  Routers with all
            interfaces connecting to the backbone area are supported.

Moy                         Standards Track                    [Page 28]
RFC 2328                     OSPF Version 2                   April 1998

        AS boundary routers
            A router that exchanges routing information with routers
            belonging to other Autonomous Systems.  Such a router
            advertises AS external routing information throughout the
            Autonomous System.  The paths to each AS boundary router are
            known by every router in the AS.  This classification is
            completely independent of the previous classifications: AS
            boundary routers may be internal or area border routers, and
            may or may not participate in the backbone.
thank you moy boy... he looks a little like hannibal lechter below...

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