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network cisco ccna gns3 certification arteq
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

EIGRP | more...

EIGRP is IGRP on acid. EIGRP uses the same DV technology as IGRP; the distance information remains unchanged.  Convergence has improved.

EIGRP uses DUAL (diffusing update algorithm) to be free of routing loops during route computation, allowing routers involved in topology changes to sync simultaneously.  Routers not part of the topology change are not included.

Building blocks:
Neighbor discovery/recovery- discovery allows for dynamic learning of routers on attached networks (directly connected networks) Discovery includes reachability or non-reachability and operational quality (or inop). Hello packets achieve this.

RTP- guarantees ordered reliable delivery of packets to neighbors when necessary.  In the event of multi-cast capability, individual packets will not be sent.  Rather, a single multicast hello will be sent indicating the packet need not be acknowledged.

DUAL- keeps track of neighbor advertised routes.  Distance (metric) allows DUAL to select loop free efficient paths.  DUAL selects the feasible successors.  The feasible successor is a neighbor router with least cost path, and determined by DUAL to be loop free.  If there are no feasible successors, a recomputation occurs to determine a successor.  This affects convergence time but is not CPU intensive.

Protocol Dependent Modules- for IP, IP-EIGRP informs DUAL of newly received information. IP-EIGRP also redistributes routes learned by other IP routing protocols.

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