network cisco ccna gns3 certification arteq

network cisco ccna gns3 certification arteq
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Friday, November 30, 2012

good, inspirational article...

i wouldn't say i'm as superstitious as most baseball players, but i was raised a bit on hellfire and brimstone and some things you can't shake...  you don't need me to tell you these cert exams are difficult and require a great amount of effort, as well as a little prayer... i am not ashamed to say that before i begin an exam i say a prayer or eight... and the night before, and countless times during preparation... in fact it is part of my life--and my preparation... i'm not above asking the big guy upstairs for some help... in keeping with that, there's this great article over at packetpushers that addresses THAT aspect of one's preparation... and here's the link:

and thank nick allgood for touching on that other part of this mission...

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